Virtual Sessions

If you do not have time to come for a session or your financial condition doesn’t allow to book a session currently, you can opt for a virtual chat session on the preferred mode of text communication. It can be e-mail, WhatsApp, iMessage, Google Hangouts or anything you prefer.

Many individuals in this day and age do not have a real relationship. The reason for that can vary from person to person, it might be that someone is not confident enough to approach someone or lack of confidence due to any factor. This virtual session helps and prepares to engage in a real relationship where you don’t have to meet or visit me, it will be done all via online mode of communication through text messages and chat on your preferred mode of communication.

Benefits of the virtual session –

  1. Never meet.
  2. Never visit.
  3. You can select any mode of communication online of your choice either it is Whatsapp, email iMessage, etc.
  4. You can text day & night anytime whenever you feel like.


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