I provide 2 types of services:

  • Individual tantric massage sessions
  • 3- or 6-month profound healing packages with unlimited sessions and VIP scheduling

All first-time clients can book an introductory session for a taste of what’s possible, which is deductible from the package price if you decide to go further.


Tantric massage

This sensual massage session is far more than simple relaxation; through the art of tantra, we enter the realm of healing. My goal is to awaken desire and sensuality, so easily lost in our everyday lives.

My clients are often successful, busy people with businesses and families to take care of. It’s hard to find the time and space to look after yourself with so much going on, let alone for deeper introspection.

These sessions are that space. We slow the mind and bring the focus onto the senses. Mostly through touch, sometimes through conversation, we work on bringing the body and the spirit back to life.

This release of energy helps not only to feel better in the moment and hours following the session. It can help you to heal blockages from past trauma, rekindle desire and attraction to your current partner, or raise your energy to a level that will help attract your ideal partner.

Soul retrieval

Healing from trauma

Trauma comes in infinite forms with consequences both subtle and evident. At times, we have blocked it from our consciousness, and have no wish to dig into that dark space. At others, it is ever-present, a constant conscious battle.

After years of practicing a more classical form of psychotherapy, I took the step towards healing through more than just conversation. When you come to me for soul retrieval, you enter a safe and sacred space, where we are free to experiment with any number of techniques.

Healing can take place through touch, through conversation or purely through the power of energy. My absolute priority is to help you heal; to feel alive again.

Clients seeking soul retrieval have been through many different experiences, all absolutely valid. The issues we address can range from a passionless marriage or a devastating breakup, to severe burnout or childhood trauma. Each individual experience comes with its own set of challenges, and I address every issue from a place of deep compassion.

Finding your soulmate

For many people, life is speeding at 100 miles an hour. Work, kids, elderly parents; there’s little time for much else. So when it comes to finding love, it seems the world has turned into a maze of dating sites and apps where you learn to swipe left or right, and adjust your profile according to an opaque set of ever-changing rules. None of this makes it easy, and it’s even harder when we’re out of practice.

These sessions are tailored specifically to your personal situation. We look at the challenges you’re facing in meeting someone, and tackle them creatively and concretely. This could mean intimate conversations to better understand where you might be tripping up, energy work or massage to dissolve physical and mental blockages, or role-playing to practice seduction.

We progress at your pace, and agree on steps you can take in your day-to-day life to achieve your goal. I provide not only healing, inspiration and practice, but also accountability, and someone you can turn to when you’re feeling unsure of what to do.

Falling in love (again)

For couples

Infidelity. Drifting apart. Exhaustion. Loss of libido. Performance anxiety.

Love isn’t always easy, and long-term relationships are especially challenging. Coming to see someone to help you strengthen or rekindle your relationship is not — as some would have us believe — a sign of failure; it’s a strong signal that you want positive change and you want to do it with respect for your partner.

You can attend my sessions together or separately — or a combination of the two. We create a safe, respectful space for you to tackle difficult, intimate questions with expert guidance. You will learn to break out of old patterns, create new, healthy ones, and, above all, bring back desire.