Tantric Healing Massage
90 minutes – 3 hours depending on your needs
Tantric massage differs from other types of bodywork because it incorporates the tantric essence of shakti (sexual energy). It removes blockages, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, sexual or psychosomatic.
[CBC show=”y” country=”fr”]The basic fee is 400 euros per hour for incalls and 500 euros per hour for outcalls[/CBC]
[CBC show=”y” country=”ae”]The basic fee is 2500AED per hour for incalls and 3500AED per hour for outcalls[/CBC]
Soul Retrieval (Healing From Trauma)
We all have a tremendous craving to touch spirit and live in our natural state of compassion. We seek our source and we are living in a time when the world is desperately needing wisdom. Parts of our soul and life-force can become lost because of either subtle or massive trauma. We this work, we combine meditation, visualisation, communication and touch to heal deep wounds and regain enthusiasm for life?
Attracting Your Soulmate 
The world has become a place of hungry ghosts, lost, empty and isolated, seeking out each other through dating sites. It is a largely hopeless, fruitless and scarring experience. Tantric therapy helps us to avoid the pitfalls of the hungry search and teaches us to love ourselves from the inside out, to be whole and to attract naturally  the connections we long for without seeking, without searching.

Couples ~  Falling In Love (Again)
How can you sustain desire and intimacy in long-term relationships. How much of yourselves are you experiencing, how much is either dead or unexpressed? Through ceremony, ritual and healing touch we can move beyond the mechanized versions of ourselves to the fresh and magical possibilities which can feel inaccessible and far away when in reality they are so close at hand.
Rejuvenation, Preventative Medicine, Health & Beauty
Tantric Healing massage is a powerful tool for physical and mental health. For those interested in feeling beautiful and growing older with the utmost grace, it is essential. Diet and exercise help us to feel our best, but nothing will give us the total glow of regular tantric massage.

All of these services are available as individual sessions or as packages of coaching sessions. Sessions are preceded by a pre-treatment interview to understand what you hope to experience in the sessions and to help me be able to create the best treatment plan for you.