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Anna Cooper, the Paris-based psychotherapist is overwhelmed by the number of clients worldwide who would like to work with her and is passionate about reaching a much wider audience, first through her book project and then through the creation of two fabulous retreat centers and corresponding online support system.

The book project is an analysis of the state of love today and a creative combination of in-depth interviews with people around the world as well as stories from her own international and fascinating clients, all filtered through her personal epic, a tragi-comic love story with a Pakistani man called Fayez. The book will be called Finding Fayez and is certain to speak to lovers and seekers of love around the world.

We are looking to raise 180,000€ before the middle of February 2019 so that we can launch the process.

Afterward, once the book is a global phenomenon, we will be looking for Partner-investors for the retreat centers, a project which we estimate will cost a total of 10,000,000€ to set up and will be as big as Facebook and Tinder have been while all the while offering a complete and much-needed antidote to them.

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